Production: Coffee Time Film
Director: Kristian Gianfreda
Dop: Luca Nervegna
1Ad: Davide Labanti
Art Department: Mirko Turci
Costume: Caterina Capelli
Make up & Hair: Francesca Piani, Elena Rossi
With: Agnese Claisse, Caterina Gramaglia


This is the story of a young prostitute. At the beginning of our short film, she
is in a desert suburb of a city. She is robbed and she was thrown out of the car. She is talking on
her phone. The pimp are threatening her, he wants money, she must go to give him!
The road is desolate. An orange scheduled bus is coming far away. She gets on a bus. It is an inner journey, and the bus represents her inner self. A child is sitting next to her. The naive child and her words hit the girl. She starts to think about her life on the street. The violence has stolen her future. She feels she is ugly. She cannot smile. The journey gets over, and the pimp is there to find her.